Monthly Archives: December 2007

MBTI and the uninitiated

This time, when I had gone to the ISABS National event, I met a lot of people talking about the MBTI instrument. Without any disrespect to Jung, I found the amount of importance given to this “typifying” of people rather alarming.

What does it really mean if I am ENFP or INFP or whatever? Honestly, I took the test quite a few times online, and got my results as ENFP. I thought that was great, until I did a document search for MBTI on my computer and found copy pasted results from a test I had done some time in the past out of curiosity. In those, I was INFJ. I read those results in detail as well, and they were pretty accurate descriptions of me in a different mood.

Really, the way we see the world after a date that ended with an engagement and after a board meeting that ended in a resignation are entirely different. I dare say plenty of answers would change between those two. Yet, there is much importance placed on those tests. An example being two statements made to me by a fellow team member:

“Oh great! You’re an ENFP – I’m a (Something or the other). We will balance each other nicely.” Huh? Did she have a clue to how moody I was, and unlikely to balance out people who tended to “figure me out”?


“I wish we knew the types of everyone. It would help us work together better” And How? We would still be the same bunch of people working together. Does it really take a fancy label to tell us if what we are doing is working or not?

I can understand how tests like this can help people understand other people slightly better. I can’t see how these can be considered anything more than a rough idea – which you get after reading their answers anyway. Just asking someone for their letters would be unreliable, as who knows how accurate their test has been……?

Rythm of life

What is it about rhythm that gets to us?

This is a thought that has been on my mind for a long time now. Rhythm soothes, excites and everything in between. Rhythm basically takes us along. Animals will pause to listen to a tune, cultures around the world have music and rhythm as an essential element.

Rhythm brings people together and in sync. How…..? Why DOES rhythm affect us so much?

Finally on my PDP journey with ISABS

Isabs is an important part of my life now. I find that I believe in the process of development through T-Groups and the ISABS methodology more than any individual facilitator there, and I would like to become a certified trainer with them.

I have finally taken my first step in that direction when I completed my “Phase A” which is the first part of their professional development programme which leads to the certification of behavioural trainers through the T-Group methodology. This is the only kind of certification available for T-Groups in India.

The programme was full of insights and shifts in myself, as well as the way I see things. Strangely, the more I accept that my emotions and experiences are the property of the group and a part of our learning, the more I can acknowledge them and look at them freely and learn from them.

This Phase A comprises of two labs of the usual length and was far more eventful for me than all my previous labs. Part of this is also because I was far more ready to understand my behaviours and experiment with shifts that could lead to changes I desired. This readiness and acceptance of what I was, as I was led to me flowing and changing freely with very little stress.

I may or may not eventually write about my learnings, but they are an inseparable part of me now. I am living by them.