5 Monsoon Picnic Spots near Mumbai

Note: We are currently offering one day waterfall rappeling trips to Kondana Caves and Mahuli fort every Sunday from the 27th of June to the 15th of August. This is a rare opportunity to experience a sport that takes a lot of setup and is thus difficult for individuals to experience unless they can get a group.

This is the monsoon – the best time of the year to head into the outdoors near Mumbai! Before you lose that temptation striking your mind, let me give you ideas to put into action. Here are some of the best one day picnic spots near Mumbai!

Kanheri Caves

(a couple of hours): No, I don’t mean to visit the ancient Buddhist Caves, though that can be a side interest. What you are to do is really look at the road as you drive through the National Park, keep an eye out for the numerous streams on the way and find a fun spot for a picnic. Get into the stream, splash all you like, and then go on to Kanheri Caves. Post links to your pics in the comments for all to see. Or try any of the many picnic spots near Mumbai, like Manori beach, Aarey Milk colony, Elephanta Caves… the rain is not enough to stop boats yet. THIS is the time!

Kondana Caves

(full day): Drive to Kondivde village in Karjat, do the short hike to the caves, and have a bath in the curtain of a waterfall across the mouth of the Cave. Hike back and tell us about it.

White Water Rafting

(one day, or overnight): While you can do this round the year, the water levels in the monsoon make the rapids on the Kundalika a specially thrilling experience.


(weekend): The monsoon being the off-season, you are never going to find Matheran like this, misty, cool, dreamy and utterly charming. Travel around on horses, stay in a fancy resort an dget drunk….. do all the whimsical things your sanity doesn’t allow in the city and in dry weather.

Stay on a historical fort in some caves

(overnight or more): Try Lohagad, Rajmachi, Naneghat……. Pack clothes and food in plastic bags, and just go ahead!

At least go out, splash in some puddles, drink hot tea on a roadside stall and have steaming pakodas with it!

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Update: We now have a waterfall rappelling trip to Kondana Caves on the 26th of July 2009 that you can join.

Update2: Two day low budget monsoon hike to Rajmachi fort on the 15th and 16th of August 2009.

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  1. Siddharth Gawde

    Total 13 adults & 4 Kids. planning to check in on 14th July saturday morning & check out next day.
    What will be the costing per person including stay , meal & activities.

  2. aditi

    we are three girls.we want to go for outing near mumbai in weekend. we are interseted to do bon fire.please sugeest ur ideas.


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