Best Trekking Boots in India – Lafuma?

Action Trekking ShoesWhen I wrote the article with tips for picking good trekkking shoes, I got a lot of people asking me if there was a particular brand I recommended.

I pretty much go with my whims and most shoes suit me, so I’m not a very good person to recommend any best trekking boots.

However, I had a conversation with Raka, who is very particular about the trekking boots he uses, and he shared two of his favourites. One, are M Vercors WP from Lafuma, which is a firang brand and expensive for someone wanting to go for the occasional trek. The other (unsurprisingly) are the trekking shoes from Action. I’d already had a lot of queries about them.

Sole of the Action Trekking ShoeWhat Raka likes about the Lafumas are comfort and a good walking experience. He is partial to the ankle support as well as the excellent grip in all kinds of terrain. The action trekking shoes are something he prefers for their reasonably good feel and grip for price. Plus, they last well and are easily available in India. They are excellent for mountain trekking in the Sahyadri. In his words, “They don’t cost enough for me to worry about taking them on monsoon hikes or other places where the wear and tear is high.”

Raka says hard rubber soles are best in terms of durability and a firm tread.

While you can get the Action Shoes almost anywhere in India, and brands like Adidas or Nike in most big cities, finding good mountaineering brands for good trekking shoes in Mumbai can get difficult. In Mumbai, try Avi Industries in Matunga, Adventure18 at Grant Road and Great Outdoors at Dadar/Thane. These places should have standard good quality imported trekking footwear beginning from about Rs.4,000/-. Those interested will also find other adventure gear.

There are some other places and I will add their names as I recall them.

9 thoughts on “Best Trekking Boots in India – Lafuma?

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  2. aditya Malgaonkar

    Hey your blogs have been quite usefull for .. i was using woodland as some one told me they last well … and was wondering why the girp is so dam bad .. i shoud look for Ruber right .. but how do you know if its Real Rubber or just Black coloured PU Sole ?
    and also i was unable to Find the High Angel Bata Trekking you recomended in the LOcal market … can you tell me where to buy those ??

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